waste disposal burner

Incinerator but the dimension of chamber > 2000 x >> 1200 mm. Prepare for melt FLUID Waste +/- 20 liter/hr.
The chamber of the incinerator should be able to hold about 200 – – 250 kg of waste in an offered time. edical Waste Incinerators.
The mobile system is our concern then the fixed systems. The mobile system is our priority then the fixed units.
4. We need just dual chamber dual burner incinerator.
B: Burning capacity per hour, to recognize how much time it will definitely require to shed 1 set and what’s cooling timem for every one.
D: The vast majority of systems will definitely be worked on Gas, so I need to recognize the necessary pressure of gasoline in psi to operate the machine with no problem.

2. What is your minimum capability and also maximum capability burner.

3. You do give secodn hand burner in good working problem.
4. We require just dual chamber dual burner incinerator.
5. Please send us DEFRA and also DADR authorization records by attachment, copy of ISO and also recap of gas emmission report from incinerators.