I’d like to receive more technical details e.g. fuel consumption for
Small volumes of waste don’t appear to warrant the installation of a
Incinerating 100/200 kg of animal products each day and also the FOB
Note we want it works on diesel fuel and electrical also.for a small pig slaughterhouse job in Vietnam we are looking for a
Blood, etc) the waste volume is quite small even in
Rendering unit, not even of a batch cooker, so incineration appears to be

1 Incinerator 30 =KG  burn/h and it must have a Scrubber.

2 Incinerator must have Electrical Plastic Shredder for cutting of glass bottle,surange of Medicine.

3 Incinerator must have Electrical Auto Clave or Microwave for Dis Infection  separately with incinerator.
Solution to destroy safely inedible  and seized animal products.

As the slaughtered pigs are consumed by over 90 percent (from hooves to
4 Incinerator must have Double Chambers first Chamber must gave 800C temperature and secondary Chamber working 1200C temperature.
Slaughter-points with up to 100 slaughtered pigs each day.

Although the use of meat and bone meal is not prohibited in Vietnam the
5 Incinerator in outside place needs to have a Parameter to reveal inner temperature of incinerator.
6 Incinerator must work in two systems Electric and gas explain in which kind of fuel works.

18 01 01 sharps (except 18 01 03)

18 01 02 body parts and organs including blood bags and blood preserves (except 18 01 03)

18 01 03* wastes whose collection and disposal is subject to special requirements in order to prevent infection

18 01 04 wastes whose collection and disposal is not subject to special requirements in order to prevent infection (for example dressings, plaster casts, linen, disposable clothing, diapers)

18 01 06* chemicals consisting of or containing dangerous substances

18 01 07 chemicals other than those mentioned in 18 01 06

18 01 08* cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines

18 01 09 medicines other than those mentioned in 18 01 08

18 01 10* amalgam waste from dental care