medical waste products burner

an incinerator acceptable for chemcial waste containers. Ability concerning 100 kgs per hr using a scrubber.1- One system of

medical waste materials incinerator
With dieseil burner.we was able to find a walk in Algeria, and we intend to export to other countries in Africa.
We define that we have an interest in mobile burners for medical facility usage.

–– Fuel: gas oil this sort of capability will be a waste burning central for a very small city. You can find various other

firm. Our items primary for little waste output. For hospital straight, neighborhood in the office, or portable/mobile

burner to one site when end-customer demand. Incinerator without smoke and smelting for the setting.

capapcity 500kg per day. Could you specify the factor of oil gas? By this you indicate gasoline or petrol?{
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