medical waste incinerator for sale

Waste type: health care waste

It is carried from the floor level on a considerable steel support frame.  Internally the shell is lined with calcium silicate insulation and a hot face combination of super duty brickwork or higher strength castable.

The primary combustion chamber must ensure minimum exit temp is not less than 850? C.
Certification: NEMA (or other recognized) certificate
Quality/Environmental Standards: NEMA ACT (EMCA) 1999,   BS3316
Thermal conductivity: 1.3W/mk
Hot face material:
Hearth and lower section of chamber walls
Operating period: anticipated daily operating period 8 hours
Burner: ordered for on/off operation
Capacity to support equipment: the agent/supplier shall have adequate facilities, spare parts, consumables and capable skilled technical staff.
Maximum rating: 450kW/hr
Maximum rating: 450kW/hr
Average consumption: 4.5Ltrs/hr
Limiting continuous service limitation 1000? C
Horizontal good hearth, refractory lined primary combustion chamber.  Approx. Measurements 800x2100mm(DxL)
Chimney/Stack: Should be manufactured from refractory lined mild steel or higher quality air-cooled s/s.
Maximum consumption: 9Ltrs/hr
Thermal conductivity: 0.095W/mk
Manual loading door
Estimated ash residue: 5 — 10%
Super duty firebrick
Electrical supply: single phase: 220/240VAC; 50/60Hz

Chamber: should be refractory lined into the following standard;
Average consumption: 3Ltrs/hr
Nominal capacity: 50kg/hr batch load
Full sized bulk load/ash removal door
Thickness: 25mm
Ash: The waste will be reduced by 90~95% to leave 10-5% ash
Medical waste incinerator for sale Operation manual: 2 sets
Training: the Agent shall conduct a two times incinerators training after installation and commissioning of the equipment.

The Agent shall conduct a two days operation & maintenance training to the Biomedical engineering personnel following installation & commissioning of the equipment.