7.     Ensure the oxygen content of the emitted gases is not less than 11%.
2.     Be fitted with secondary burner/s burning gas or low sulphur liquid fuel or any acceptable fuel.

3.     Ensure secondary air supply is controlled efficiently.

4.     Make sure fire contact with all gases is achieved.

5.     Ensure residence time isn’t less than two (2) seconds.
The Main combustion chamber must:

1.     Be accepted as the main combustion zone.
Ensure both main and the combustion temperatures are maintained until all waste has been fully combusted

lnsulation: lnsulation to be used for masonry, reinforced concrete, or non-combustible material shall prevent damage to the base from excessive heat and shall be of a thickness to limit the outer casing to a maximum temperature of 66°C within an ambient temperature of 21°C once the incinerator is operating at full capacity.

Refractory: Refractory shall be #super duty# and heat-resistant to a minimum of 1100°C in the primary room and 1250°C from the secondary chamber. Refractory shall also be abrasion resistant in the prlmary room, constructed of plastic or castable type refractory, designed to prevent bulging and destruction due to heat stress, capable of supporting more than twice the hourly burning rate and preventing leakage of fluids, and using a minimum thickness of 11O mm for walls and hearths

Primary and secondary burners: Separate electrically spark-ignited primary burners and secondary burners with automatic control shall be used to achieve the specified temperature requirements in the primary and secondary chambers. The flames  of the secondary and primary burners won’t impinge on the incinerator walls or floor.

3.     Ensure main air supply is controlled efficiently

Ensure minimum exit temperature isn’t less than 850oC

Air supply: Air supply from the primary and secondary room ought to be controlled between 30%-80% and 170%- 120% of stoichiometric amount respectively. The combustion air shall be supplied through a separate forced draft fan after accounting for the air supplied through burners.The secondary combustion chamber must: