Gasified incineration for burning medical wastes incinerator

Incinerator dimensions:  max 2000x1200x3200 mm
Charging rate:
Gas:-     Natural Gas

Gasified incineration for burning medical wastes.

Gas type: Natural Gas
–     Secondary burning room max 0.5 m3,

Size of the filling entry: max 650×850 mm
•    Electrical panels
–     Gasification room max 0.7 m3,
Minimum installation and start up time
Width (mm):    1280 or better
Capacity (Cubic Mtr):    1.65M3 or more
•    Waste collection Trolleys
Burning Capability:
Re-burning machine: Power max 0,2 kW Voltage: 220V / 380V
Temperature Monitoring: Both for primary and secondary chambers.
Height Incl. Flue (mm):    7700 or better