For incineration, fundamental and likewise pathological burners

Main unit
Ambient temperature                     10 0C to 40 0C
Capable of tracking all incinerator parameters With large LCD or similar for display of all progress
EU waste incinerator Directive- EC 76/2000
Gratings      Provided
Gas residue or retention Period > 2 second at minimum 850 0C
Ability to service equipment                                                                         Manufacturer/Agent shall have adequate facilities, spare parts, qualified and skilled technical staff to offer comprehensive care service and spare parts sales for the life span of the incinerator
Distribution Board    Supply and install distribution board. 100 A, complete with MCBs suitable for the score of the incinerator unit and associated equipment.  Wiring   to be performed according IEE regulations.
Maintenance training                            On-site maintenance training on Preventive Maintenance, repair and trouble shooting
Waste cart, stainless steel               1 piece
KEMSA    For review and verification
equal and approved equivalent
World Bank Emission Standards
4             Physical characteristics
Power Requirements                       240V,A/C 50Hz, single phase, with PE
Testing and Commissioning of the machine to the satisfaction of this user
Pre installation works
Type    Two  combustion chambers type; primary  and Secondary, controlled/forced combustion air form with a flue gas emission scrubbing unit
Provide fuel and test run the incinerator for 3 hours each day for 7 days
Temperature    Maximum  1600 0C
5  Operating environment
User training                                           onsite user training on operation and daily up keep
Comprehensive preventive & repair         service      Provided a 12 months comprehensive preventive and repair service contract inclusive of spare parts and material from date of commissioning