factory installed Diesel Fired Incinerator

Estimados, agradecería una cotización por los hornos crematorios para mascotas modelo YD-30 / YD-50.Mobile Diesel Fired  Incinerator model
supplied with the following specifications:
complete with constant ventilation fans for extraction,
factory installed inside one 20ft ISO container complete with lighting, ventilation fan, fire security, 3 access doors, and a 1200 litre fuel tank complete with a piping.
Fully containerised mobile  waste management solution for medical, animal, and industrial waste applications.
Installed in Container (ISO) : 20”
or its nearest equivalent model plan to build a incinerator plant with 3 units of incinerators at the capacity of 500kg per hour each.
Together with other facilities like operation office, store, space to clean waste containers and 3-4 worker living quarters.
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1.ficha tecnida
2.guía mecanica
4. Los quemadores son Ecologicos.??  5.’caracteristicas generales
Del YD 50  and. YD 100  Long Life pet crematory
in Diesel ….Me interesa este producto  Long Life Pet Crematory (YD-50), y quiero conocer más detalles sobre:
Dame la lista de precios exactos por favor.
Me gustaría pedir algunas muestras. ¿Podría  enviarme la lista de precios de muestras?Raw Medical Waste Incinerators. Can you please provide an official cost quote for purchase of (2) incinerators, whichever model has a comparable Capacity = 30 kg/hr.