dual chamber incinerator

Calcium Silicate.
The Essential burning chamber should Ensure minimum departure temperature level is not much less than 850 ° C
Wetness Web content: 10-25%.

50kg/hour at a small calorific worth of 4,000 kcal/kg as well as an average bulk thickness of 120kg/MCubed for basic waste and 160kg/MCubed for healthcare waste.All sorts of chemicals compounds (Biocides) that made use of for Oil procedure sites (water base Drilling, oil operating facilities for the corrosion and also others: The instances of the biocides are “WS-36, HAI-85M, SOFT DRINK ASH, DSMA, MICRO MATRIX, CALCIUM CARBONATE PENALTY, BARAKLEAN, GILSONITE, MIXED WASTE DIRT CHEMICALS, ZINC CARBONATE, CAUSTIC SOFT DRINK, ENVIROTHIN, BARAZAN D,. etc) as well as the materials are fluid and strong.

2. In regards to the amount of shedding the waste, maybe 200 – – 500 kg per hr.

3. Our Operational time can be in Day as well as can be at night.

4. Can you please provide me the expense of device operated with Diesel and Gas.The primary combustion chamber is the major structure of the burner, produced from light steel plate and stiffened with rolled steel sections. It is carried from the floor level on a significant steel support structure. Internally the covering is lined with calcium silicate insulation and also a warm face combination of incredibly duty brickwork or high strength castable.
The key burning chamber should make sure minimum departure temperature level is not much less than 850 ° C
. One Hands-on Lots Incinerator making up:.
·???????? Guidebook Loading door.
·???????? Horizontal strong fireplace, refractory lined main combustion chamber. Approximate dimensions 800 mm sizes x 2100mm long.
·???????? Complete sized bulk load/ash elimination door.
·???????? 1 off diesel-fired ignition heater– temperature managed.
·???????? 1 off burning air supply follower as well as distribution system, automated control.
·???????? High capability additional burning chamber with residence time not much less than 2 secs @ >> 850 ° C. ·???????? 1 off diesel-fired afterburner– temperature managed.
·???????? Control panel– automated operation.
e????? Temperature indicator key and also secondary chambers 0-1200 ° C.
e????? Refractory lined flanged smokeshaft to a height of 10M over ground degree