BURNER For incineration of Laboratory wastes products

Incinerators to be suitable for the expert disposal of scientific & & medical waste/ rubbish with a greater lots capacity in the series of approximately 1000-1500 Kg. The sturdy, self-contained incinerators will supply an efficient and extremely efficient, safe disposal as well as to be made according to relevant global instructions, e.g. CE, EU, etc. Type of Gas: Diesel or Petrol or Natural Gas. Temperature controlled,
effective burner for optimum gas economy. Burner at the best innovation and an approximate capacity of 2000 bunch/ year. Maybe an incineration ability of 200 kg/ human resources in addition to a calorific worth of 7500 kcal/ kg. Industrial and also domestical waste.INCINERATOR For incineration of Lab wastes materials

i.Smoke and odor free
ii.High Temperature, refractory mobile lining with excellent warmth retention
iii.Quick warm up time
iv.Must have Another room v.Constant run follower
vi.Temperature monitoring vii.Thermostat Control

Technical Specifications
i.Capacity: approx. 0.20 m3
ii.Fuel intake: 5 litres/ hour Diesel Oil
iii.Min Operating Temp: 900 oC
iv.Max Operating Temp: 1350 oC
v.Residence Time: 2 sec
vi.Burning speed: 35kg/hr minimum

Typical accessories needed

Consumables and also Spares
Provided with spares as well as consumables to achieve a minimum of 1000 examinations