a DUCK farm burner

a DUCK farm incinerator, we Need to purchase a tool size incinerator for organic waste, even more certain DUCKS.a pet crematorium in ireland.Equipment Dual chamber clinical infectious waste burner Ability 10-30 kg per hr Attributes of waste

home heating worth above 2000 kcal/kg (8370 kJ/kg); content of combustible matter over 60%; web content of non combustible solids below 5 percent; substance of non-combustible penalties listed below 20%; moisture content below 30% by weight

Combustion performance: The medica waste burner will be effective at reducing waste to ash not surpassing 10% of the overall flammable expenses.

Outside installment. All incinerator components will be acceptable for however not restricted to outside shaded setup, including electrical motors, be resistent to rust, wetness and related climate aspects.