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Incinerators to be acceptable for the professional disposal of medical & clinical waste / garbage with a higher load capacity in the range of approximately 1000-1500 Kg.  The durable, self-contained incinerators shall give an effective and highly efficient, safe disposal and to be manufactured according to applicable international directives, e.g. CE, EU, etc.. Temperature controlled, […]
Items/Model TS100(PLC) Picture Principle Waste Incineration Treatment Burn Rate 60-80 kg/hour Control Mode PLC(Programmable Logic Controller Incinerator) Combustion Chamber 1200L Internal Dimensions 120x100x100cm Secondary Chamber 600L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes(Dry Scrubber) Feed Mode Manual Voltage 220V Oil Consumption (kg/hour) Average 20.4 Gas Consumption (m3/hour) *** Temperature Monitor Digital Screen Temperature Protection Yes Oil Tank 1100L […]
Items/Model TS50(PLC) Picture Principle Solid Waste Incineration Burn Rate 30-45 kg/hour Control Mode PLC(Programmable Logic Controller Incinerator) Combustion Chamber 560L Internal Dimensions 100x80x70cm Secondary Chamber 280L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Feed Mode Manual Voltage 220V Oil Consumption (kg/hour) Average 13.3 Gas Consumption (m3/hour) *** Temperature Monitor Digital Screen Temperature Protection Yes Oil Tank 800L Feed […]
Model CA100 Picture Waste Treatment Medical Waste Incineration Treatment Feed Capacity Typical 100-200 kgs per feed Burning Rate Typical 100-120 kgs per hour Burning Time per Feed Average 1-2 hour Control Mode PLC(Programmable Logic Controller Incinerator) Voltage 220V Power 1.0Kw Gas Diesel oil Burner Italy Burner Feed Mode Manual Temperature Monitor Digital Screen Fuel consumption […]
We are china incinerator manufacturer, contractor and exporter. Manufacturer make reasonable price for incinerator customer, supply medical incinerator, hospital incinerator, animal incinerators, hog incinerators, pet cremation equipment, small incinerator, pet incinerator, animal incinerator, portable incinerator, small animal incinerator, infectious waste pyrolysis machine, laboratory incinerator. HICLOVER help customer reduce purchase budget, custom made function, quality products […]
Incinerator 20 Kg Incinerator electrically operated including:  A cage for receipt of biomedical waste;  A combustion room with fireplace using a filter to retain ashes;  A cover;  An air supply; A turbine  allowing supply air.  ▪      The incinerator should be a modern waste disposal unit, designed to buttocks medical […]
Incinerator to have double combustion chamber and control quantity of dioxin and other gasses emitted without being detrimental. Estimated dimensions, to producers standard, but to be compact as possible. Capacity: approximately 60kg per day, voltage: 220V and diesel fired. CSH  Hospital, (Calabar, Nigeria) Mmedical waste incinerator capable of disposing up to 0.5 cubic meter of […]
incinerator Providers.7) Burn rate: 15 – 20 Kg/h Mmedical waste incinerator capable of disposing up to 0.25cubic meter of infectious or pathological waste. indicator fire, reload indicator, temperature control device, burning capacity of 250kg / 10 hours in 2 phases
incinerator for medical waste.Controlled air medical waste incinerator intended for incineration of bio-medical waste generated in a blood-processing center. The waste to be treated mainly includes bio-waste (i.e. bodily fluids), infectious and hazardous waste such as syringes, needles, and other medical waste (i.e. silicon rubbers, plastic, fabrics, papers, packs, etc.). a  diesel  fired  medical  waste  […]
Temperature Display & PLC Control Case Main Combustion Chamber Incinerator Main Body ***Primary Combustion Chamber Italy Oil/Gas Burner ***Chimney:10.0Meters ***Secondary Combustion Chamber***Smoke Filter Chamber ***Italy oil/gas burner: 02 units ***Oil Tank (if oil fuel): 200Liters ***Incinerator PLC Control Case Items/Model TS100(PLC) Principle Waste Incineration Treatment Burn Rate Average 100 kg/hour Feed Capacity Average 200kg/feeding Control Mode […]
Waste Incinerator (Containerized Mobile Incinerator) Capacity: Typical 50 kgs per hour Model CA50 Internal Dimensions 100 x 80 x 70 cm Main Product List Primary Combustion Chamber Secondary Combustion Chamber Smoke Filter Chamber Incinerator Control Case Chimney:5.0Meters *(upgrade to Stainless Steel, free cost) Italy oil/gas burner: 02 units Oil Tank (if Petroleum fuel): 200Liters ISO […]
Model TS30 oil fired waste small incinerator 30kgs/hr. Items/Model TS30(PLC) Picture   Burn Rate Typical 20-30 kg/hour Feed Capacity Typical 60kg per feeding Control Mode PLC(Programmable Logic Controller Incinerator) Combustion Chamber 330L Internal Dimensions 75x75x60cm Secondary Chamber 180L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Feed Mode Manual Feeding Voltage 220V Power 0.5Kw Oil Consumption (kg/hour) Typical 13.3 […]
Medical waste incineration system of 300 kg/hr burn rate with dual fuel (Gasoline and diesel) type, daily 8-16 hrs operation and a stack height of 15 meter.Primary combustion 20.     Fan: •    Post combustion: 1100oC. The residence time in the secondary chamber shall not be less than two seconds; Nature: 65% of Al203 14.     […]
Key Features: — Full range incinerator with Economized Small Scale incinerator, Standard Small-Large Scale incinerator,  General Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator, Pet and Animal Cremation, Containerized Mobile Incinerator,  High Efficient Environmental Waste Incinerator. — Single combustion chamber, double combustion chambers, three combustion chambers and  multi-combustion chambers waste incinerators. — System solutions for medical waste environmental. — […]
Volume 6 — Mobile Incinerator 10m Hose Pipe, indicate length One year Spare Parts Package for complete maintainability Burn Rate 100kg/h minimum General Warranty, indicate no of years Volume 4 — High Temperature Waste Incinerator Minimum working temperature 850 °C, please indicate Gas Retention Time – 2 Seconds I000 Litre Fuel Tank + Pipe System, […]
Incinerator for Animal Crematory Pig Farm Model A1200 *** 3 sets Burners *** Good for animals or big pets *** Double Combustion chamber *** stainless steel chimney *** Italy made oil burners *** 1200Liters(1.2m3) big chamber Model A1200 Picture Burning Rate Typical 50 kgs/hour Feed Capacity Average 100 kgs/feeding Main Combustion Chamber 1200 Liters Secondary […]
*** Primary combustion chamber & secondary combustion chamber *** Smoke filter chamber(dry scrubber) *** stainless steel chimney *** PLC auto. control *** Italy made oil or gas burner(diesel oil/natural gas/lpg) *** temperature display and control *** high temperature firebrick,etc Items/Model TS10(PLC) TS20(PLC) TS30(PLC) TS50(PLC) TS100(PLC) Burn Rate (Average) 10 kg/hour 20 kg/hour 30 kg/hour 50 […]
MOC Generally confirming to IS Standards Type of burning operation Cylindrical Dimension Port Hole and Ladder for emission testing with complete online scrubbing system, thermostat The components will be used for our client camps in the field. These Camps range in manning size from 20 — 200 people. Each site has a medical clinic, a […]
*** Double Combustion Chamber *** PLC auto control operation *** stainless steel chimney *** smoke filter chamber *** Italy oil/gas burner *** whole design, mini. installation working *** cheaper cost *** long lifetime design *** better material and spare parts Items/Model TS30(PLC) Picture   Burn Rate Average 30 kg/hour Feed Capacity Average 60kg per feeding […]
3 Medical Waste Incinerator of 20 kg/hr capacity with double burner.Medical Waste Incineration Systems. I’m interested to ruin about 200 kg stays. A Medical Incinerator project for Tehran municipality. Our goal for this project is to set up a plant in order to incinerate Medical waste with 50 ton/day capacity. A incinerator with 100 kg […]
Smallest waste incinerator for small hospital  average 10kgs per hour.  with double(2) sets burner. Equipment Technical Specifications Model YD-10 Feed Capacity Typical 20 kgs per feed Burning Rate Typical 10 kgs per hour Burning Time Each Feed 2 hours Voltage 220V Fuel Diesel oil Burner Italy Burner Feed Mode Manual Fuel consumption (Oil) 5.4-12.6 Kgs/Hour […]
Carburant Diesel The waste most include vary materials plastics, rubber, paper, grass, leaves, woods, fruits, packaging carton, and many others Minimum température d’opération 950 Dimension internes Hauteur (mm) 3200 Hauteur (mm) 3300 Hauteur (mm) 800 Ave Capacity 750 kg Ventilateur oui Largeur (mm) 1050 Maximum température d’opération 1320 Largeur (mm) 2150 Thermostat oui Température de […]
Item Specification Model YD-30C (Client made model) Main Product List Primary Combustion Chamber(Main body stainless steel) Secondary Combustion Chamber(Main body stainless steel) Mix-Combustion Chamber Wet Scrubber( Washing Tower)(Main body stainless steel) Incinerator Control Case Chimney:5.0Meters *(upgrade to Stainless Steel, free cost) Italy gas burner: 02 units Oil Tank (if oil fuel): 100Liters Model YD-30C Feed […]
Model A1500 (customer made model) Internal Dimensions 150 x 100 x 96cm Suit for Animal Cat – yes Dog – yes Pig – yes Cow – no Main Product List Primary Combustion Chamber Secondary Combustion Chamber Mix-Combustion Chamber Wet Scrubber( Washing Tower)(Optional Part) Incinerator Control Case Chimney:10.0Meters *(Update to Stainless Steel, free cost) Italy oil […]
•    A burn rate of 25 – 30kg/hr. •    Consists of two chambers to ensure significant reduction of emissions and be capable of temperatures in the range of 800-1000˚c. •    Incinerator must be of a low maintenance design, be diesel fuelled and need no more than 15 amp 220-250 V power. KW consumption per hour […]
Main Product List Primary Combustion Chamber Secondary Combustion Chamber Mix-Combustion Chamber Smoke Filter Chamber Incinerator Control Case Chimney:5.0Meters *(Update to Stainless Steel, free cost) Italy oil burner: 02 sets Oil Tank: 150Liters Mobile Trailer for Incinerator Model YD-50C Burning Rate (kgs/Hour) Typical 20-50 kgs/hour Feed Capacity (kgs) Typical 80 kgs/feeding Equipment Weight 2500 kgs(Incinerator) Primary […]
PRIMARY CHAMBER Heavy-duty steel casing High quality refractory lining and insulation Large full size top load counterbalanced door SECONDARY CHAMBER Heavy-duty steel casing High quality refractory lining and insulation 2 second gas residence time 900kg (1.35m³) Burn Speed 150kg/h Avg Ash Residue 20ltr Operation 3% Avg Fuel Consumption p/hr Max. Operating Temperature    1320°C Temperature Monitoring   […]
 We finish this project in year 2010 to 2011 and delivery to Hochiminh port, Vietnam with 1×40’feet open top full container. Items/Model YD-500 Burning Rate (kgs/Hour) 500 kgs/Hr. Feed Capacity (kgs) 800 kgs Equipment Weight 13000 kgs Primary Chamber (Liters) 4000 Secondary Chamber (Liters) 1500 External Dimensions (cm) 320x220x460 Internal Dimensions (cm) 257x147x108 Oil Tank(Liters) […]
7.     Ensure the oxygen content of the emitted gases is not less than 11%. 2.     Be fitted with secondary burner/s burning gas or low sulphur liquid fuel or any acceptable fuel. 3.     Ensure secondary air supply is controlled efficiently. 4.     Make sure fire contact with all gases is achieved. 5.     […]
 There are 03 sets Model YD-100 delivery to Iraq between year 2013 to 2014. The incinerator use for local several construction sites and all fuel type is diesel oil.   Items/Model YD-100 Burning Rate (kgs/Hour) 100 kgs/Hr. Feed Capacity (kgs) 200 kgs Equipment Weight 5300 kgs Primary Chamber (Liters) 1200 Secondary Chamber (Liters) 500 External […]
Incinerator Model YD-30 for Australia Melbourne customer. Medical Environmental    WWW.HICLOVER.COM Waste Incinerators Medical Waste Incinerator Pet Animal Cremation Solid Waste Incinerator Tel:  +86-25-8461 0201    Mobile: +86-13813931455(whatsapp/wechat)Website:  Email: [email protected]Email: [email protected]   Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.
Types of incinerator design acceptable: Dual-chamber controlled air incinerator or dual- chamber pyrolytic incinerator Materials of construction: The incinerator will not have any asbestos, asbestos-containing substances, mercury thermometers, and mercury switches. Refractory materials shall have the ability to fulfill relevant standards under ISO TC33 and CEN/TC    187. Waste feed system into the combustion chamber batch […]
news from:  WHO declares outbreak constitutes international public health crisis China vowed on Friday to work with the international community to uphold regional and international health security, and reiterated it’s the confidence and capacity to win the battle against the novel coronavirus epidemic, which has claimed 213 lives throughout the country as of Thursday. The […]
a DUCK farm incinerator, We Have to buy a medium size incinerator for biological waste, more Particular DUCKS.a pet crematorium in ireland.Equipment Double chamber medical infectious waste incinerator Ability 10-30 Mph Characteristics of waste heating value over 2000 kcal/kg (8370 kJ/kg); articles of combustible matter over 60%; articles of non combustible solids below 5 percent; […]
News from:  WUHAN (Bernama): China is mobilising medical staff to aid Wuhan, the centre of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak, as the country reported 830 confirmed cases of pneumonia, caused by the virus and 25 deaths by the end of Thursday (Jan 23). By Thursday midnight, Hubei Province in central China reported 549 cumulative confirmed […]
installation of waste disposable system in airport.Incinerator with oil burner –          The layout should prevent any discharge of polluting substances into soil, surface water and groundwater. –          Combustion zone has to reach at least 860 degrees under the most adverse conditions with at least 6% oxygen. Since it will treat hazardous and organic waste, temperature […]
50kgs per hour incinerator with two chambers suppliers from china *Aveage 50kgs per hour *Double chamber and double burner *900liters primary combustion chamber *Italy burner *Stainless steel chimney Model YD-50  Burning Rate Typical 50 kgs/hour Feed Capacity Typical 150 kgs Main Combustion Chamber 900 Liters Secondary Combustion Chamber 300 Liters Mix Combustion Chamber Yes Smoke […]
30kgs per hour(average) medical waste incinerator, design dual  combustion chambers(primary chamber and secondary chamber),  smoke filter chamber, PLC auto. control system, 0.33m3(330liters) primary combustion chamber, italy oil or gas fuel burner. for small  hospital medical waste treatment. Buy waste incinerator, find hiclover Items/Model TS30 PLC Principle Waste Incineration Burn Rate Average 30kgs/hour Fuel Type Diesel Oil/Natural […]
The tenderer shall provide hydrostatic oil contents gauge (level index ) or a Centre line near the outlet connection. iv)    2No. Photo-electric cells Two sets of operating and maintenance manuals (both for the incinerator and burners) must also be provided. Including two sets of control schematic diagrams for all of the controls and wiring. 1.1.7   […]
hazardous waste disposal incinerator  Incinerator Items/Model HICLOVER TS100(PLC) HICLOVER TS150(PLC) Burn Rate (Average) 100-150 kg/hour 150-200 kg/hour Feed Capacity(Average) 200kg/feeding 300kg/feeding Control Mode PLC Automatic PLC Automatic Primary Combustion Chamber 1200Liters(1.2m3) 1500Liters(1.5m3) Internal Dimensions 120x100x100cm 1500x1000x1000mm Secondary Chamber 600L 750Liters(1.0m3) Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Yes Feed Mode Manual Manual Voltage 220V 220V Power 0.7Kw […]
Incinerators must  be able to support different power sources (PV solar system ,  diesel Electric generator , local or  compound mini-scale grid).Each unit shall  include a complete vertical exhaust and stack system, including the following features: • Steel construction. Packing Details Serie No. Part Name Size(M) Weight(Kgs) 01 Incinerator Mainbody 1.8 x 1.2 x 1.7(LxWxH) […]
Waste Incinerator Door: Side/Front Opening Door VS. Top Opening Door Things Side Loading Door Top Loading Door Reference Price Cheap High cost Manufacture Tech. Easy A litter difficult Safty secure safer Incinerator Shape L/ I L Loading manual big door can be by Forklift Land occupation small big Ash door same with feeding door or […]
Each incinerator shall be supplied with all necessary assembly/disassembly tools. Spare parts and consumables The proposed incinerator systems shall include all  necessary spare parts, PPE, and consumables required for 2 years of operation.  Incinerator Items/Model HICLOVER YD30(PLC)   Burn Rate (Average) 30-50kg/hour(Medical Waste) 10-15kg/hour(Pet Animal Cremation) Feed Capacity(Average) 40kg/feeding Control Mode PLC Automatic Primary […]
The incinerator will have chimney, castable high quality refractory liner and incinerator shell, perforated blind for the primary and secondary combustion chambers and air circulation system. •    FD fan •    25mm diameter flame valve •    Fully wired control panel The bulk oil storage tank will have a capacity of 10,200 litres and be placed at […]
This equipment quality structural for kinds of site, like hospital, environmental department,  animal cremation agencies, etc.  HICLOVER Incinerator supply updated models with dual combustion chamber,  mix-combustion chamber and smoke filter  chamber with refractory lines, and the combustion chamber temperature up to 1200 deg C. Equipment Technical Specifications Model YD-10C Picture Feed Capacity Average 40 kgs […]
•Draft Equipment Sulphur Dioxide (SO2): 45 ppmv, 12-hour average as measured by a CEMS; 1Provide a sectional, circular cross section exhaust stack of the kind, size, and number of segments in compliance with the needs of the stack and refractory manufacturer to adequately support the refractory lining, permit growth, and prevent cracking of the refractory; […]
Incinerator Model A1500, Overview This model is big-scale animal cremation equipment for big animals.  Construction is dual/double combustion chamber with 03 units oil/gas burner,  batch load incineration equipment. Animal feed chamber is 1500Liters (Model: A1500).  Primary & Secondary combustion chambers and included mix-combustion chamber,  smoke filter chamber with firebrick and Refractory Concrete chamber. Batch load […]
Animal Crematory Incinerator Capacity: Average 80kgs per feeding Thing Specification Model A900 Internal Dimensions 120 x 90 x 85 CM Suit for Animal Cat – yes Dog – yes Pig – small Cow – no Main Product List Primary Combustion Chamber Secondary Combustion Chamber Mix-Combustion Chamber Smoke Filter Chamber Incinerator Control Case Chimney:5.0Meters *(Update to […]