2 combustion chambers Form heater

Capacity per day around 8-10 kg wastage/day. ·         Which product do you offer, only incinerator or also compactor, shredder machine, any other equipment associated with waste treatment?

·         For the incinerator, can you propose (and of therefore please send us specs and price) incinerator for 25 kg/hr, 50 Kg / hr, 100 kg / hr, 200 kg / hr? What’s your minimum and maximum size available?

·         As we are not so expertise in incineration process, can you tell us which type of waste can go into the incinerator and respecting international environmental law?

·         Can you equipped your incinerator with filters? If so which one and they are following which standard?

·         Can you supply exhaust pipe from incinerator into the roof, then whirly bird to prevent the rain water to go into the pipe?

·         When we set up an incinerator in a building, what are the space to observe between equipment and wall and roof (as we need to supply also the building to house the incinerator )

Suitable metallic material or high temperature
Combustion Air Fan                      Provided for supplying combustion and creating a
Burner fuel type:  Diesel
3.1              Main unit
Flame detector
Moi Voi, Makindu
Ambient temperature                     10 0C to 40 0C
7. Spare parts
10       Delivery point