Environmental Protection Engineering

environmental protection engineering
Waste incineration plant with incineration unit, smoke emission treatment and installation & commissioning
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Medical Environmental System Solution

Medical Environmental System
Clover supply Solution System for Hospital Medical Environmental with High-temperature Sterilization, Waste Crusher, Needle Destroyer(needle incineration), Medical Waste Package, etc.
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Continued Feeding Incineration Equipment

This model is large-scale waste incineration equipment for large waste output. Construction is dual/double combustion chamber with 04 units oil burner, Continued Feeding incineration equipment. Waste feed chamber is around 4700Liters (4.7m3, YD-500W). Primary & Secondary combustion chambers and included mix-combustion chamber. Auto-Feeding load on the bottom of chamber. Incinerator panel contr...
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Family Pet Dog&Cat Cremation

animal crematory
Special design with movable platform, combustion chamber material and custom made for pets crematory business.
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Containerized Mobile Incinerators

Small Containerized Incinerator
Containerized waste incinerator is our latest design for market. This incinerator is build in ISO container before leave factory. After customer received container, install the chimney and connect with electric power and setup oil tank, that’s all. Now, the burning capacity can be 10/20/30/50/100/150kgs per hour for ISO 20’feet container. This moveable/mobile incinerator can be move by truck to an...
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Medical Waste Package

Medical Waste Garbage Bag
Medical Waste Garbage Bag Double Tie, Imported PE material 40cm×50cm×5 50cm×60cm×5 65cm×65cm×5 75cm×75cm×5 Common type, Imported PE material 30cm×40cm×5 40cm×50cm×5 50cm×60cm×5 65cm×65cm×5 75cm×75cm×5 85cm×85cm×5   Medical Waste Delivery Carton 60L,100L... Imported PE material   Medical Waste Sharp Box 1L,2L,4L,6.5L,8L,20L 23L Using h...
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Needle Destroyer

Product Code:  K300 Needle Destroyer  Scope of application: Many pipe type plastic tools for medical treatment such as one-off injector, one-off injection acus, one-off scurf acus, one-off transfusion (blood) set etc. Product function: this machine can quick melt down acus head; lacerate the ampoule of injector and rubber stopper with simple and convenient operation. Method of use: 1. Put ...
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Waste Crusher

Product Code: SMC-400, Mouth Size: 40x20cm, capacity:300-400kgs per hour, power: 380V 3Kw Product Code: SMC-200, Mouth Size: 27x17cm, capacity:100-200kgs per hour, power: 380V 2.2Kw Product Code: SMC-100, Mouth Size: 28x28cm, capacity:50-100kgs per hour, power: 380V 1.5Kw Product Code: SMC-20, Mouth Size: 23x22cm, capacity:10-20kgs per hour, power: 220V 0.75Kw ...
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High-temperature Sterilization

Product Code: 150YDA/Horizontal cylindrical pressure steam sterilizer The steam can't go through to chamber when the door haven't close , and the pilot off to inform. You can processing dry operate When the pressure inner over 0.027Mpa, the door be lock and not be open If you not choose the sterile time and start machine, buzzer sound If you mistake open the door in the course o...
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Smoke Emission Treatment

Smoke Emission Treatment
Clover supply optional dust wet scrubber system for waste incinerators. the main parts included wet cooling spray scrubber, wet dust filter and fog&waste separator. This system is valid for mid-large scale waste incinerator. for small scale waste incinerator, supply dry scrubber(filter) chamber.
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